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LeagueFits People’s Champ

Words By
Joe Williams
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Photos By
Dominique Oliveto
Marcus Stevens
2023 LeagueFits People’s Champ award

In a League full of some of the most fashionable athletes on the planet, no one has managed to captivate the LeagueFits audience as quickly as the Portland Trail Blazers’ Jerami Grant, winner of the 2023 LeagueFits People’s Champ award presented by Michelob ULTRA.

“Being voted as the 2023 LeagueFits People’s Champ is dope! It’s dope that people enjoy my style, especially since I’m just being myself.”

It’s Grant’s sense of self that seemed to resonate with the hyper-engaged LeagueFits audience. Throughout the span of the 2022-23 NBA season, Jerami was spotted in a number of different looks, all which seemed to feature the same silhouette that Jerami made his own. His style evolution came about through inspiration from his off-court interests including anime, playing piano and playing the African harp. It’s these forms of art and more that make the 2020 Olympic Gold medalist one of one.

Jerami can be seen on LeagueFits rockin’ multiple different pieces that, simply put, most hoopers don’t rock. Ranging from Margiela Tabis and handbags to utility vests and jewelry, Jerami doesn’t seem to be a fan of following the trends. In fact, when asked whether or not he has interest in doing so, Jerami responded, “I’m definitely not trying to follow the trends. I’m doing kind of whatever my mood is and wherever my mind is taking me and typically it’s away from the trends.” It’s this way of thinking and overall expression of one’s self that seemed to attract the interest of the LeagueFits audience this past season. That is what makes this award in particular all the more meaningful on that ever-expanding trophy wall. It’s an award that is fully voted on by the fans, for the fans–the people’s champ.

The LeagueFits People’s Champ is a champion unparalleled, someone with a story that’s larger than life, but yet someone whose individual style seems to resonate with the masses. Someone with a strong sense of self and yet someone who, at the same time, is a representation of the people. Someone who zigs when the trends of the culture seem to zag, someone like Jerami Grant.

Jerami on his individual style: “My personal style is abrasively myself, relaxed and chill.”